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Aoraki Board of Management:

At the General Meeting (Tuesday 11-August-16) these roles/positions were allocated.

  • President, Rick Smith (Waimak)
  • Secretary, Ian Macbeth (Beca Crewsaders)
  • Treasurer, Janice Melville (Abreast of Life)
  • Development/Promotions Director, Caleb Te Kahu (Tu Meke)
  • Development/Promotions Director. Andy Jones (Avonside GHS)
  • Boats/Equipment Director, Steve Greaves (Waimak)
  • Boats/Equipment Director, Dale Hewinson (currently unaffiliated)
  • Events Director, Gavin Ryan (unaffiliated)
  • Events Director, Izac Frunt (Ridge Riders)

Note, in the Notification email Secretary (Ian Macbeth) advised the following have offered to stand for re-election: Ian Macbeth, Janice (one more year only), Caleb, Gavin, . Some will stand down, including Rick Smith, Scruff (Dale) Hewinson and Andy Jones.

Email us on

Note, Constitution Section 15 is now modified to remove the "terminates in odd/even years" notes. And Section 22.3 is modified to include "Each person on the BOM who has served for an even number of years (2, 4, 6 or 8) or part thereof are deemed to have "resigned", but they may stand for immediate re-election." Also, Section 13 is modified to add the word "which", as in "The maximum length of time an individual can serve on the BOM is for 10 consecutive years, which can be in the form of numerous positions …"

All postal correspondence to:

Aoraki Dragons,
PO Box 28133,
Christchurch 8242.

Note: by publishing email addresses on this website, we do not grant permission to receive unsolicited electronic messages (that is, we do not give Express, Inferred and Deemed consent, as described in the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act).

Past members

Other board members have included:

  • Terry Coyle (treasurer, from Oct-07 to Aug-08)
  • Vai Papali’i (Oct-07 to June-08)
  • Rebecca Polachek (to Aug-10)
  • Julian Yee (to July-12)
  • Scott Johnson (to January-13)
  • Glenn Dickie (to August 2014)
  • Lorraine Flintoft (to August 2014)
  • Pete (Maverick) Mitchell (to April 2014)
  • Toriana Hunt (for a brief period in late 2014)
  • Reon Tiweka (late 2014 to August 2015)
  • Noel Anderton (Secretary from August 2007 to August 2016)
  • Meri Gibson (Chair from August 2007 to August 2016)
  • Rick Smith (numerous roles including Equipment, Events and President, from August 2007 to August 2017)
  • Scruff (Dale) Hewinson (to August 2017)
  • Andrew Jones (to August 2017)

School Teams

The following are Junior teams in the South Island

Div Team: (click to sort) Contact/Rep:

Avonside Girls HS

Susie Paton
Evan Roper
Mixed Catholic Cathedral College Glenn Dickie

Chch Girls HS.

Jennifer Greathead
Mixed Hillmorton High School Andrea Kendrew
Pete Mitchell
Mixed Greymouth High Schools Ash Davies
Girls Lincoln High School Noel Anderton

Marian College

Kathy Seaward
Bronwyn Benny
Mixed Papanui High School Judy Colman
Girls Rangiora High School Marian Hanson
Girls Rangi Ruru Noel Anderton
Mixed Riccarton High School Rick Harlow
Girls St Margaret's College Sue Harlow
Boys Shirley Boys HS Russell Stocks
John Fox
Girls Villa Maria Tracey Tims


Local Dragon Boat Teams

Team Membership

There are a variety of teams in Christchurch catering for different paddlers. Some are in it to compete and win; others love it because it is great for team-building (in a business or school) while others use it as a social opportunity.

Team recruitment

Aoraki Exec are keen to see new teams join the sport, and will do what it takes to help individuals or groups into Dragon Boating.

For example, we can arrange for Aoraki people like John Fox, Glen Dickie, Scott Johnson and Rick Smith to visit Christchurch High Schools, talking to assemblies and showing DVDs of our recent regatta. Board members frequently 'mentor' teams, such as the 'Ridge Riders' club.

Aoraki's Membership Committee

The current Constitution allows for a "Membership Committee". While this has not been formally in place, the following are the reps and contacts, should anybody wish to join their team etc. However, to enquire about a team, email us on

Div Team: (click to sort) Contact/Rep:
Open Abreast of Life Amazons (BCS team and Women's team).

Janice Melville
Meri Gibson
Peter Johnson (Coach)
Noel Anderton (Coach)

Open Give it a Go [team is in recess] Sandie Brown and Karyn Brailsford
U23 Dev Ridge Riders Isaac Sutherland
Open Sampan Warriors. Rosalie Mehlhopt
Open Simply the Breast (BCS) from Blenheim  
Open Tu Meke Dragons.

Peter Mitchell

Corp Airways Paddlateers. Derrick Elliott (Mgr)
Noel Anderton (Coach)
Corp Aurecon Reon Tiweka, Dan Hunia
Corp Beca Crewsaders Ian Macbeth
Judd Stanton
Corp Flying Dragons
(CIAL, Chch Int Airport Ltd). [team is in recess]
Vai Papali'i
Open Waimak Attack Rick Smith
Open Waimak Thunder (Women) Marie Childs

Note: by publishing email addresses on this website, we do not grant permission to receive unsolicited electronic messages (that is, we do not give Express, Inferred and Deemed consent, as described in the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act)


Past teams

  Past teams have included:  
  Canterbury Paddling Club (CPC).  
  CDHB Concords (Cant Health)  
  Christchurch City Cruisers (CCC) Kyle Dow, Nelson Wormald
  Darfield High  
  Dragon Hearts  
  Dragon Our Touche (Deloittes)  
  Evacut Express (P&N).  
  Fei Long - The Next Generation (originally an U23 Development squad, with a core of ex-CGHS paddlers, then affiliated to Tu Meke)  
  The Full Monty (Montgomery Watson)  
  NIWA (Who are NIWA?)  
  Papanui Club Kay Wallace
  Screws Loose (Corrections). Affiliated to CPC. Pomare Connell
  St Andrews College Jane Burrows
  St Bedes College Claire Kissock, Barry Stephens
  Tait Dragon the Chain  
  UC Varsity Vikings  
  UC Dragons Laura Campbell
  Van Asch College for Deaf