Care Of The Gear

Please make sure your team members treat Aoraki Dragons’ boats, equipment and facilities with care. New boats cost around $12,000 each; maintaining them takes a lot of time, effort and money.

We've seen a lot of damage incurred to boats, from being grounded at beaches or ramps - particularly at Owles Terrace - through crews failing to brake boats effectively and/or boats being dragged ashore. While we are investigating options to improve launching facilities, everyone needs to play their part in looking after our equipment.

Remember - as a collective, we all own the equipment and repairing damage takes funding away from developing our fleet of equipment (and will make our annual fees higher)

To that end, please:

  • Lift and manoeuvre the boats using the hand-holds inside of the boat; not by the seats – they’re likely to rip out
  • The boats are heavy! Please take care when lifting - work as a team and coordinate lifts and manoeuverings
  • When taking boats out of the storage area, please make sure the compound/lock-up is secure while you’re out on the water
  • Slowly wheel the boat on the trolley down the beach or ramp.
  • At Pegasus, we suggest you wheel the boat on the trolley right into water until the boat floats free (saving you the lifting). Likewise, after training, wheel the trolley under the floating boat 
  • At Owles Terrace, please embark and disembark as follows:
    • Take a tyre in the boat from the compound to the ramp and leave it there, with the trolley during your training session.
    • At the ramp, put the stern in the water, while the boat is still on the trolley and push the boat down the trolley into the water so that it doesn't make contact with the concrete ramp
    • With the boat fully floating, only load a sweep and a couple of paddlers at the ramp, before paddling over to the pontoon for the remainder of the crew to load.
    • When returning, please unload all but a couple of paddlers and the sweep at the pontoon before they paddle over to the ramp. On approaching the ramp, brake the boat to a complete stop before reaching the ramp and get one of the previously-disembarked paddlers to position the tyre as a prop under the bow, before the remaining paddlers and sweep disembark. Then lift the bow onto a trolley and slide it along the strops into the balance point; avoiding direct contact of the boat on the concrete all times.
  • Don’t bang paddles on the gunwales or side of the boat
  • Please don’t rub wax on any part of the boat
  • Sweeps need to take care when navigating through bridges to avoid clashes of the boat or sweep oar on pillars. No boats should pass under the footbridge on the eastern side of the island at Pegasus 
  • Sweeps should instruct crews to brake well before any beach or ramp; approaching slowly to minimise damage on grounding.
  • Boats should be bailed of excess water before storing
  • At Owles Terrace, boats should be hosed down inside and out, and then bailed, prior to storage
  • Boats should be left either supported on tyres at both ends or left on a trolley with the nose resting on a tyre. If left outside on tyres, please turn the boats upside down to prevent them filling with water and potentially damaging them
  • Place all bailers, sweep oars, pool paddles and pool PDFs neatly back in the storage facility and remove all rubbish
  • Any pool PFDs used should be hung up neatly to dry, with space for air circulation - please don't leave them in a heap
  • The last team at the training venue should check that all boats are as close together as possible, resting on tyres and padlocks are securely fastened.